Landscaped Garden – Curlewis

Creating a garden with optical illusion and a warm look in Curlewis, Drysdale.

With this project I had to overcome some hurdles first. I was narrow and height differences which made it look even smaller. +/- 22 m3 of filling materials to get it to level and some clever ways of playing with lines in the garden created an optical illusion which made the garden look bigger, perfect!!! I have made the decking on the same height as topping to create more open space. Also made the plant borders follow the same lines as decking to create depth in the garden. The human eye always intends to follow straight lines. A similar thing have I done with using old railway sleepers sunken in the topping. They function as stepping stones but also make the garden suddenly look wider. Using these rough materials like railway and red gum sleepers for edging plant borders gave the garden a real warm look like it was already there for 100 years. A vegetable box with a classic look and heaps of plants and your own oasis is created within a new build area. And of course also gave the front garden a make over!

japanese garden with water feature – port arlington

Oriental paradise in Port Arlington?

I am always amazed what you can create behind that gate on the side of the house. Here is an absolute liAttle piece of paradise hidden in a coastal village. The garden is based on the 3 basic elements of Japanese landscaping. Water stands for life, Plants stand for nature, Rocks stand for rest In this garden there is a complete balance between the elements and is a joy to look at.Hard to see on pictures is the depth, all areas are actually on plateaus as the natural Japanese landscape looks like. The calm flowing water and the sound of the bamboo trees in the soft sea breeze make you drift away to the land of the rising sun.

Courtyard – Breakwater

Transform a small backyard into a mediterranean courtyard in Geelong.

Here I have a perfect example of a simple way to create your own oasis. The gold yellow pavers bring more light into your house and surrounding area and will give that Mediterranean look. In the paving I have a black band just to give that extra touch of court yard experience. The edging for plant borders is painted an autumn brown colour to give that touch of class that your garden deserves. With the black mulch in plant borders you will get a nice contrast with the paving and the Jasmin growing up the fence will stand out more.

Backyard With Fire Pit and Outdoor shower – Indented Head

Absolute entertainment garden with a touch of class at Indented Heads. This garden is an absolute master piece in detailing and has all the bits and pieces you need! I am talking about decking with a showers area that just blends in. Pergola to bring some beautiful shade lines through the barbeque area. Attached to the pergola a screening to hide the fence. This glossy white screening makes the custom built in barbeque really stand out. And after all that information sit down and relax round the fire pit in the corner of the garden. All these features seem to all blend in using all neutral colours because the garden is actually not that big. But it has it all and is ready to enjoy for family and friends, Bellarine at its best!!!!